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Multi-talented musician and producer CIQ has always loved to travel. She started at about age 15 spending summers working on volunteer projects in remote and poorer corners of Central America and Eastern Europe. Since then she has travelled and lived in many cities worldwide, mainly in USA, Canada, UK and Europe.

One of her favourite destinations is definitely Europe, where she finds the culture to be more laid-back, friendly and artistic than the more driven North American marketplace mindset. Her most recent adventures in Europe were a trip to Sweden and France in the winter, where she relaxed in Stockholm and met with some friends, some of whom are also DJs, then a week in Cannes, France, a popular destination for festivals on the Mediterranean Sea, where she met with the music industry at Midem.

Some of her pictures from recent adventures can be seen online at her CIQ music facebook page. She also hangs out at twitter, myspace and her blogs and can be found online under her monikers CIQ music, DJ CIQ and Gsynth.

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