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It is true that Shana Christine Gray was raised in a strict musical family, where she practiced classical violin and piano every day for an hour and a half at the age of nine. It is also true that she was the youngest ever violinist in the Northumberland Symphony Orchestra at the age of thirteen. She remembers her violin teacher playing a note on the piano over and over until she had the perfect pitch and tone on her violin. Excellence was expected. It was through these exercises that she learned to listen closely to the music and develop her ear, which translates quite easily into the studio, and mixing music as a studio engineer. She was known in Toronto for her unique talent as a studio mix engineer, when she studied keyboards performance at York University, and Producing Engineering at Harris Institute for the Arts, and worked in the music industry in Toronto.

These days she prefers a quieter lifestyle near the beaches outside the city and away from the bustling downtown Toronto traffic. She spends most of her spare time in her own recording studio and plays as she likes.

This week however she has taken note of the annual DJ magazine poll known as the Top 100 DJs. Probably most artists have a love-hate relationship with competitions, not sure if they are really relevant or if time spent on them will pay off in any way, but they certainly can be fun.

Since the usual poll results turn a predictable result of a 99% male dominated industry, she has been curious to see if a woman can make an impact in 2011.

If you believe that a woman such as Shana Christine Gray can compete on an international level with other male DJs and producers, particularly considering her female traits easily make her unique, please take one minute and cast your vote of confidence in her direction here: http://www.djmag.com/top100 Just write CIQ in the number one spot and submit it!

Also be sure to check out her presence on social networks and consider saying hello either at twitter, facebook, or myspace. Watch for her, she is unpredictable talent, but you can follow her or search google for her names CIQ music, DJ CIQ and Gsynth.

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