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Canadian musicians are known for unique and well-developed talent. Typically bright talent finds themselves quickly underwhelmed by the limitations of Canada’s small music industry, given a relatively small population compared to a greater geographic area. It simply means a smaller local market and less motivation to succeed. Young talented musicians often reach the top of their niche in less than a year and find themselves with nowhere else to go. Couple that with unmotivated management, and you have good reason to spend more time gazing at the stars and hanging out at the beach, like most Canadians do, than focusing on working on your so-called music career.

Some Canadians at this point head south for the US border where a much larger market promises a greater return. Others look to the international scene and explore possibilities that may involve travel, or technology such as the internet. Following several trips to Europe and USA exploring possibilities in the international scene, CIQ, a woman musician, producer and DJ, has relaxed into a comfortable lifestyle where she spends about half her time at the beach and the other half in the studio. She likes to hang out online on sites such as facebook, myspace and twitter.

It takes a bit to motivate her, considering she has tasted success in almost every corner of the music industry at every skill she has tried, and her former management did less for her than she did for herself. But with the launch of the Top 100 DJs poll this week, an influential internet poll in electronic dance music, she has decided to step out into the game and make her name known.

Typically the DJ industry has been 99% male dominated at the top. It is simply unacceptable and unimaginable to a woman from Toronto’s sophisticated modern culture where all minorities are recognized and promoted. It seems, in fact, rather stone age to her, and so ironic in such a technologically advanced field and art form such as electronic dance music. Women do play an important role in the music, mainly as vocalists, but it is still rare to find women DJs, and even more rare to find women who are skilled producers and studio engineers.

Considering the true value of a woman in any culture or subculture, she feels her voice is valuable and the heartbeat of her message must be heard. Please, if you value women in music, and particularly in electronic dance music, take one fast minute to show your support for her cause by casting a vote of confidence in her direction.

You can vote for CIQ right now at http://www.djmag.com/top100 via facebook app.

Sometimes all it takes is a little motivation and understanding for a true talent to step out and get involved in the competitive game that is the worldwide electronic dance music industry. No doubt she is a history maker, and needs to be recognized by a wider audience, as she steps out into the international field from a local Toronto industry.

She can be found online hanging out with friends on social networks such as twitter, facebook and myspace, as well as her blogs. Her websites can be searched on google by her names Gsynth, DJ CIQ and CIQ music.

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