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CIQ has been busy at work in the studio, and this week she presents her new creative CIQ Beta App for mobile phones. “I’m very excited about sharing my new mobile app. It’s my first one, so I’ve called it the CIQ Beta App. I was able to completely design my own, so it really reflects all the things I love to do. I hope people will find it to be pure portable inspiration in their pocket.”

It’s loaded down with free fun features, websites, and up to the minute information on CIQ’s creative work. It already brings together more than a dozen online websites with dance music, photography, video, song lyrics, news, and has even more special features coming soon. “I wanted to make it so that I could add anything I want to at anytime, so it’s not like a game that you get bored of, but it grows with me and my people in time. If it works out really well, it might not really be a beta at all.”

It has four twitter sites (for music, studio, DJing and app), two youtube video channels (music and studio), streaming music and potential for free downloads, extensive photo albums of worldwide travel, news articles, song lyrics, fun personal pictures, two facebook sites, a thank you letter from CIQ, and an exclusive special access section, which is in process and basically limitless in its ability to grow and change with CIQ and her friends and audience.

“It’s completely free right now, so I finally have a chance to give something back to all the people who have shown so much love and support for me for so long. I have a lot more great stuff coming real soon, so please keep your eyes peeled!”

Putting it out as a free beta gives her a chance to try out features to see what works best, but it also gives her an opportunity to create an exciting app for a mobile platform that can keep up with current technology as it evolves.

“Thanks again, everyone… I hope you find this to be completely fun and inspirational. I want it to be free and I want to get it out there where people can find it, so please feel free to share it with your friends and enjoy it. And there will be more new music coming real soon.. so you can get excited about being the first to know about it, and you will be able to listen and download it right from your mobile app, the minute it is released, as you like!”

Right now the app has two fantastic streaming remixes CIQ has done which have proven to be favourites online so far. She hopes to share at least one new free track in the very near future, plus lots more music after that, and she has some exciting creative plans for the special access section.

The CIQ Beta App can be downloaded at CIQApp.com and is compatible with many platforms including iphone, ipad, blackberry, android, nokia, windows phone 7, bada, and even computer browsers. So what are you waiting for? Go get yours right now! It will soon be available in stores.

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