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In between travel and balancing a weekend job working with youth, CIQ has been in the studio working on a list of new creative apps and tracks. “I follow my heart,” CIQ explains.

She worked years of freelance creative work in both USA and Canada since she left home at the age of twenty to take on creative projects at arts schools, jobs and in the music and entertainment industry. There aren’t many stones she’s left unturned. “I’ve done just about everything creative by now, between schools, jobs and freelance projects over the years.” Most the steady jobs she’s worked also offer a great deal of creative opportunity and freedom.

In Toronto freelance often means working for many companies simultaneously, so CIQ chose the projects that interested her most, and put a higher priority on higher paying work. She paid her way through school and bought her recording studio with the money she earned, and some trips around the world after that. “I actually ran out of new types of jobs to try after awhile and at that point I felt I wanted to start my own business. But I tend to make up my career as I go, so who knows what next week holds, let alone a few years from now?”

What motivates her the most is the people she’s with for the journey, and of course from a practical sense, the work she enjoys the most, coupled with a rewarding paycheck, perks and lifestyle.

“In Toronto we’re used to pulling off miracles on a shoestring budget. So it starts there and the sky is the limit as to what is possible. I’ve turned my attention to the internet mainly because I can live anywhere in the world and work creatively this way. I’ve also found socially, it can be pretty fun and exciting. Who knew so many of your friends and favourite people were online worldwide basically around the clock?”

She’s pretty happy with her life but has always wanted to be an investor or own businesses. Either way her music always motivates her. “To me music is a sport, like soccer. It’s fun, but I also treat business like a game. I like the feeling of winning, conquering a new skill, bringing something new to the marketplace. I like to inspire people with fresh perspective.” In other words, she follows her heart, and plays as she likes, in business, music and life. “I like beautiful things and I think a lot, I read a lot. Most of my ideas are inspired by travel, the great outdoors, and brilliant thinkers from many different industries, especially writers. I like technology and the arts and the thrill of sports and travel and new experiences.”

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