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“It’s worked well for me in the past that most people consider me an enigma, that I can do everything, because I can usually get a job anywhere doing anything,” CIQ explains. “But what really blows my mind is when I transitioned from an artistic scene that my friends and I created into the so-called professional world of being an artist, I tried to hire management, and I stopped getting paid. My own efforts of opening my own studio and Djing independently were cut short by gangs and crime. Suddenly my personal life was no longer safe and there was no one but my truest friends to help me out.”

“I don’t mean to be mean or cruel but it seems to me that this upcoming generation seems to be more focused on bullying to get their way than they are on searching inside to find out who they are, living their lives doing the right things, valuing their conscience and personal integrity, and treating other people with respect and love. Everyone’s looking for instant gratification and it’s a very dangerous way to live.”

“It should be clear to everyone that this entire society is made up of the people in it. If you have people who are kind and respectful, we will have a civilized society. If you have people who are completely disrespectful and only looking out for themselves, they create a dangerous society, and I for one do not want to live in a place like that.”

“I think it’s time that the entire human race looks inside and asks themselves, what are they giving to make the world better? Some are already giving all they can. But a lot of people have done nothing for others in this world and I think they really need to look inside and ask themselves if they are the problem and how they can become the solution. I’ve spent much of my life working with youth, and frankly it’s all ages of people that need to hear this message now.”

“If you are focused on LOVE, that comes from God, and you’re thankful for this Beautiful World we all live in, suddenly you realize that most the problems in this world are created by mankind, other than survival, we all work, and if we are the problem then we need to become the solutions for a better world.”

“The innocent suffer, everyone suffers, when people don’t keep themselves in check, and channel their efforts into doing the right things.”

“Some people don’t even seem to know what the right things are anymore, because they are completely oblivious to the world operating around them, built and run by people who have cared enough to make it happen. The people who make things happen are the ones who take personal responsibility for themselves, the future, their influence on people around them, and the society in which they live. Nothing just happens. Everything happens, good and bad, because someone made it happen.”

“And everything has a ripple effect, affects everything around it. It’s time people stand up and take responsibility for our world, grow up and be real men and women, forget about all the petty things they complain about every day, swallow their pride, and do something positive for our world, our future, and the next generation. If you’re motivated by LOVE and TRUTH you’ll be on the right track. Real Love and Truth is the only thing that this world needs. And that can come in any form, through any person, any work, job or gift you give for our world. We are all created to make a difference.”

“Life is not about getting, it’s about what you give for our world, motivated by Real Love from your heart. Don’t let this be the generation that completely misses the reason why we are here. The bottom line is educating yourself on the right things every day, and giving the right things every day. Things that create more Love and clarity in our world. Give from your heart without demanding more in return. That is how we all should live. Real Love, in Truth and in Action, can and should be your way of life.”

“For most of us, living our lives the right way, giving what we can, and being an example, is the most powerful way to influence the world around us and the next generation. It all comes down to looking inside and coming up with the right answers and doing the right things at the right times. You’d be amazed at how much you can affect other people just by your own choices, words and actions. People look to you and your example whether you realize it or not for the solutions in their own lives. It’s simple if you just keep your mind focused on the right things and do the right things.”

“I for one, would rather live and create heaven on earth, than hell on earth. I hope everyone will agree with me on that, and translate that into their everyday lifestyle in their own social circles. Everyone has something to give to everyone and everything around them. It’s who you are, it’s who you are created to be. To live honestly with Real Love from your heart.”

“Sometimes people will subtly pretend to be your friends so they can take you off guard and hurt you. This can do as much or more damage than trying to hurt you upfront. At this point I go to great lengths to protect myself, see through people, and trust no one except my closest friends. And I try to have several backup plans, since things can be unpredictable at times.”

“Be smart, be wise. Be the solution not the problem. If no one else comes with you, be the first. People who stand up and take real action are the ones who move forward our world day by day and moment by moment. You’d be amazed how far your little efforts might carry on into the future. Go ahead and shine your light, the darker the world is, the brighter you will shine. You can’t turn off the sun, and darkness is powerless in the presence of Light. Light is the truth that you live by every day from your heart. Everyone can make a difference. If you’re not making a difference, why are you here? Everyone is here for a reason.”

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