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CIQ shares a glimpse into her personal studio which is rare these days. “I tend to move my gear around every couple days and constantly redecorate the place. It’s more a habit from playing out live, working in a lot of different studios with different gear, and promoting events, where we always used to create atmospheres and different little spaces. We never did the same thing twice.”

She’s never really settled in anywhere for very long, and likes to use a single space as much as possible for everything from recording music and internet communications, to photography and video, and even eating and working out, and late nights in the studio. She just put a little kitchenette in the studio mainly for coffee, orange juice and quick meals at all hours.

“I travel a lot too, and some days I have a pretty short attention span. I tend to multitask all the time.” She does have a separate office but often brings her other work into the studio. “I finally stopped spending money on soundproofing and painting spaces, things that don’t matter, heavy furniture that I don’t like moving around. After all these years I still live out of suitcases, but I’ve pretty much been like that my entire life.”

For gear she prefers anything that has sounds she likes and is playable. “I have a few fave synths and can’t live without the Mac laptop and Live software these days. I like an intuitive workflow, and can’t stand having to fix technical things or long processes, so I base my gear choice around that. I’ve worked with a lot of different gear so I can pretty much use whatever I like anytime.”

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