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CIQ’s first mobile app is officially released. The CIQ Moment App is a beautifully designed news & updates app to keep people in touch with all things CIQ Music in real time. The early CIQ beta app prereleases have been very popular so far. A small handful released made it to every corner of the globe.

CIQ Moment is technically a Lite app, though it is packed with continually updated information. It has all CIQ twitter and facebook pages, and links to more social networks. The official news site is included along with direct access to updated information on CIQ apps, songs and new music releases. There are four photo albums built in, and a web section for access beyond the app itself, including music, videos and social networks. The news, facebook and twitter sections all have sharing capabilities on facebook, twitter and email.

“It’s the fastest way to stay in touch on everything, other than continually reading all my websites, and getting on all my email lists,” CIQ laughs. “You get the whole overview right on your cell phone.”

The CIQ Moment App has been released to iTunes and Android market and can be downloaded via the web.


More apps are set to be released very soon, with more functionality, such as music and video players built into the apps, and more photo albums, among other things. Most will include at least some updated news information and access to social networks. Each app is set up differently. “I have four apps installed on my phone right now, and I use all four of them all the time,” CIQ explains. “It’s really convenient to have things set up this way.”

Check out the beautiful screenshots. It really is a simple, convenient way to check on what’s new at anytime from your mobile. And keep an eye out for the new apps coming soon! They could be officially released at any moment!

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