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Just a few hours after CIQ uploaded some screenshots from her new mobile app release, the designs were updated. “I love working with arts and technology on the cutting edge,” CIQ laughs. “I love it… when you create things and they leave your studio on the fly and you are always building and tweaking things. It’s like new ideas that take off as soon as you create them.”

In light of the updates CIQ has almost completed her collection of currently six mobile apps (and a browser toolbar). “I considered streamlining and doing just one app like some artists do,” CIQ admits, “but I like to create experiences, no matter what art form or medium I am working with, and I have never been able to stick to one style of music, or one type of music in any live event, or one style of anything, I like variety, I like different colours, styles, and flavours, so I’m putting out as many as I realistically can right now.”

The new designs are slight adjustments that make the apps look more like a fashion magazine than mini websites inside your cell phone. They also offer more functionality and space to pack more inside, so CIQ is taking full advantage of the updates, and the creative opportunity to get her message out.

“I’m a communicator, I really am.. all the art forms I’ve worked with in my life.. I look back and understand why no one could ever pin me down and put a label on me. The arts might be my giftings, but LOVE is the message, and I definitely try to communicate that in my art, life and music, and in everything I do.”

A few new websites have been posted online as well, that will appear in some apps, including CIQWeb and CIQ Promos. A new email list is posted at CIQClub. There is a lot of good stuff coming out very soon!

Watch for more updates… and new apps… coming out very soon.

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