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CIQ Promos presents free stuff from CIQ Music at Gsynth Studio. Currently you can download a free browser toolbar.The description reads:
Free CIQMusic Toolbar
Install CIQMusic Toolbar directly into your computer browser! Easy setup (takes a few seconds!), easy to remove. Completely configurable. Collect and add specialized CIQApps and any apps you like! Comes with hotlinks and previews of the Best of CIQ online, including news updates, music, video, media, apps, lifestyle blogs, facebook, twitter, myspace, reverbnation, social media and more! Lots more soon! You can also check your own facebook, email and weather directly from the toolbar. CIQMusic Toolbar. FREE Download here http://ciqmusic.toolbar.fm/

Above: closeup CIQmusic apps installed. Below: previews of facebook and M.CIQ PLAY Apps.

The download is available at http://ciqmusic.toolbar.fm/ and the details are at CIQ Promos. Enjoy!









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