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M.CIQ PLAY App is released. It is a music player app, jam-packed with music, videos, pictures, a section for what’s new, downloads, links to social media via the web, and more.

“I tried to keep the design simple, with as much content as possible,” CIQ explains. “I found through the Beta apps that people didn’t dig through menus, they mostly read what was right in front of them. So with simple navigation, it is easy, fast and accessible for people to find exactly the content they are looking for.”

The beautifully designed music player app currently has four channels of audio, two video channels, four fantastic photo albums, news updates and download sites, direct links to websites and social media via the web, free promotions and CIQclub.

“I’m trying to include a special section in every app for what’s new, including official news, new music, apps, and song lyrics,” CIQ says. “But if people want up to the minute twitter updates and facebook built right into the app, that’s what the CIQ Moment app is all about.”

There will be a lot more music, videos and content coming as all the CIQ apps are continually being updated. “I’m just getting started!” CIQ laughs. All the details and download links are available at CIQApp.com . “Merry Christmas world,” she grins. “I’ll just keep loading this up with fresh content.”

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