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(Photo by Rachel Barton)

Scouted at a mall just a few months ago, Shana is about to do her first few fashion photoshoots.

“I was trying to find an agent for DJing. I finally gave up and decided to try acting. I’d travelled all over the world looking for a good DJ agent. The people I met were either control freaks that were impossible to work with (who wouldn’t even let me write my own songs! I’m a producer!) or they expected me to be a man to work with them. I saw Sandra Bullock in some movies, and people always compare me with her. I thought I might like to try acting on screen. When I was out shopping, I heard on the radio that an agent was scouting at my favourite mall! So I decided to ask about acting. When I showed up for an interview, they told me they could represent me as a model, actress, and talent.”

In the next several weeks, Shana has three fashion photoshoots lined up with top fashion photographers who work with fashion magazines in top markets worldwide.

“On the fashion runway, I hear the same music as in the clubs. I’m really happy. I’m still new at this and I have a lot to learn. I had no idea this was going to happen. People have asked me my whole life if I was a model! I didn’t know it was a real career option.”


Shana is on twitter at @shanamodel and @gsynth and will be attending CMTC in Toronto in May 2013 to meet worldwide agents. She will be represented by Mode Elle (personal manager and mother agent).


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