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The new description on her brand new Parfaiti facebook music page reads: Parfaiti (formerly known as CIQ), artist producer performer of Studio Gsynth, Toronto, Canada. Like the French word “Parfait” with an Italian twist, “Parfaiti” sounds like party and rhymes with confetti. Enjoy life with style!! Peace & Love 😀 ❤

parfaiti-facebookWhy the name change? “At this point I felt I needed a more international name that fits in all my circles, from Toronto to worldwide, and music to fashion. CIQ was a cool underground music name, but I felt that it was limiting when it came to international appeal, and my current career direction. Parfaiti is far more international and represents all sides of who I am.” From her French heritage and Canada’s bilingual audience, to her roots in Toronto Italian music dj culture, worldwide connections in music, arts and fashion, travel influences, and even her background in classical piano and violin, Parfaiti seemed to be a good choice.

Watch for updates, and follow Parfaiti on twitter at @djparfaiti and facebook at facebook.com/djparfaiti

Also Studio Gsynth can be found on twitter @gsynth and Shana Model @shanamodel

Official News via Gsynth Studio