Shana’s New Music Artist Name Parfaiti


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The new description on her brand new Parfaiti facebook music page reads: Parfaiti (formerly known as CIQ), artist producer performer of Studio Gsynth, Toronto, Canada. Like the French word “Parfait” with an Italian twist, “Parfaiti” sounds like party and rhymes with confetti. Enjoy life with style!! Peace & Love 😀 ❤

parfaiti-facebookWhy the name change? “At this point I felt I needed a more international name that fits in all my circles, from Toronto to worldwide, and music to fashion. CIQ was a cool underground music name, but I felt that it was limiting when it came to international appeal, and my current career direction. Parfaiti is far more international and represents all sides of who I am.” From her French heritage and Canada’s bilingual audience, to her roots in Toronto Italian music dj culture, worldwide connections in music, arts and fashion, travel influences, and even her background in classical piano and violin, Parfaiti seemed to be a good choice.

Watch for updates, and follow Parfaiti on twitter at @djparfaiti and facebook at

Also Studio Gsynth can be found on twitter @gsynth and Shana Model @shanamodel

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Shana’s Model Book


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A quick glimpse into Shana’s model book shows a range of diverse styles and looks from recent fashion photoshoots.


Shana has worked with top international fashion photographers, including Richard Sibbald, Christopher Wadsworth, and David Hou, and makeup artists Paul Venoit and Elena Pacienza.


Model books are updated following every photoshoot… so here is a glimpse into her May 2014 looks.
Online Model Portfolio



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CMTC Model & Talent Experience


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This past weekend, hundreds of Canadian models and talent attended CMTC to meet international agents and showcase their skills. Shana Gray, represented by Mode Elle (personal manager, mother agent) was among them.

During the weekend, Shana attended seminars and workshops presented by agents from markets as diverse as Paris, London and Milan, and presented her monologue on stage to pick up some useful acting tips from an LA casting director.

Shana participated in ten showcase competitions including photography go-see, runway, swimsuit, cover photo, commercial print, tv commercial, cold reading, improv, monologue and singing.


Although it is impossible to attend everything at CMTC, there are seminars presented from every corner of the planet, including modelling from New York to Europe to Asia to Africa, and practical workshops covering topics from acting skills to nutrition (presented by an international model).

In the evenings, models and talent let down their hair for some theme parties, and on the final night, an awards banquet is presented for the year’s top picks from the competitions.



The final morning concludes with callback interviews. After CMTC, international agents are able to follow up on interest in models and talent for their own specific markets. (Agents may be as diverse as model agents from every international city, acting agents from New York and LA, and music companies.)

CMTC is a very exciting experience, an opportunity to showcase Canadian talent to top agents in worldwide markets.


“It is impossible to predict careers, a lot of it depends on timing, and you never know what may come of it,” Shana explains. “Last year I spoke with New York and LA acting companies, and there was follow-up from New York, but my LA contact unfortunately passed away with cancer. She was very sweet. This year I spoke with a record label. There always appears to be interest from model agents, but these things are very unpredictable. You never know who noticed you, and there is a great deal of competition. You hope that people will connect with you if they need you at some point in the future. You keep working on your skills and portfolio, and you keep showing up whenever you can.”

In addition to knowledge gained and connections made, friendships are created and built, among models and talent, and across the industry. “Networking is really important. It’s a phenomenal industry with a lot of great people. They hold to the highest artistic standards as top companies and are very genuine people. I find it impossible to talk to everyone there because the schedule is so completely packed. But I hope these people can find me when they need me.”

Shana can be booked directly in the Toronto area market, and is represented internationally, via mother agent and personal manager Mode Elle. Agents can connect with Mode Elle to request Shana for their markets.

“Everyone is unique, and careers are as unique as each person,” Shana explains. “Ultimately, it’s all about enjoying the journey, the experience, and making the most of every opportunity.”

Shana on Casting Workbook
Shana’s Model Portfolio
Mode Elle (Personal Manager & Mother Agent)

Headshot & Resume (below), Comp Cards (check back soon)

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Shana Gray Attending CMTC 2014 as Model/Talent


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Shana Gray, signed as model/talent with Mode Elle (personal manager/mother agent), will be attending CMTC 2014 after a successful introduction at CMTC 2013. She is looking forward to meeting international talent and model agents and learning more about the industry.

More information on Shana can be found at and and of course, by meeting her in person, and reviewing her portfolio and comp cards, headshot and resume.

Shana is also on twitter at .

Good luck to everyone attending CMTC!!!


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Shana Signs With Mode Elle Agency


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Recently Shana signed a contract with Mode Elle, international model and talent agency, for representation in modeling, acting and music. “It’s a greater opportunity than I was expecting,” Shana explains. “As a multi-talent artist I’m excited to be more involved in the international fashion, film and music industries.” Her acting resume is now posted online and a flurry of activity is taking place in her creative studio.

“Since I’m signed with a model and talent agent I thought I’d like to design a fashion line first.” In keeping with her music industry background, she designed clothing on the Reverbnation platform. “The current fashion designs are inspired by paradise colours and a distinctive logo design that reminds of a butterfly.” You can pick up some of her new fashion at her CIQ fashion website! She is on twitter at ShanaModel.

She’s been working on an upcoming record, with a new track “Angels Soft Mix” already posted on “It’s a live recording from my music studio. People were asking for the music right away so I released it.” You can pick up your own copy at or any of her Reverbnation websites! She is already charting in Reverbnation’s Top 40 charts with her first release.CIQ at Reverbnation: Gsynth Label Gsynth Studio CIQ Live  DJ CIQ

Watch for more fashion designs coming very soon, and lots more upcoming record releases and remixes!


How Shana Became A Model


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(Photo by Rachel Barton)

Scouted at a mall just a few months ago, Shana is about to do her first few fashion photoshoots.

“I was trying to find an agent for DJing. I finally gave up and decided to try acting. I’d travelled all over the world looking for a good DJ agent. The people I met were either control freaks that were impossible to work with (who wouldn’t even let me write my own songs! I’m a producer!) or they expected me to be a man to work with them. I saw Sandra Bullock in some movies, and people always compare me with her. I thought I might like to try acting on screen. When I was out shopping, I heard on the radio that an agent was scouting at my favourite mall! So I decided to ask about acting. When I showed up for an interview, they told me they could represent me as a model, actress, and talent.”

In the next several weeks, Shana has three fashion photoshoots lined up with top fashion photographers who work with fashion magazines in top markets worldwide.

“On the fashion runway, I hear the same music as in the clubs. I’m really happy. I’m still new at this and I have a lot to learn. I had no idea this was going to happen. People have asked me my whole life if I was a model! I didn’t know it was a real career option.”


Shana is on twitter at @shanamodel and @gsynth and will be attending CMTC in Toronto in May 2013 to meet worldwide agents. She will be represented by Mode Elle (personal manager and mother agent).


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