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CIQ has just redecorated her facebook pages with 18 tabs of full on fresh content. “It kinda needed an update,” she admits. “I think it looks fantastic! I might even add a few more tabs soon.”

Her colourful and creative CIQMusic page includes the wall and info tabs, a website, bandpage, youtube, twitter, multimedia, links, news & blogs, special deals, a chatroom, photos, tracks, extended info with more social networks links, blog, notes, Google plus, and a promotions tab.

“I like to overdeliver a bit on expectations. Bring something kind of exceptional and extraordinary into everyday things.” It still has a nice uncluttered flow, and is packed with lots of fun and interesting content.

She has also recently updated her online lifestyle blogs including StudioLife, CIQmusic, and DJCIQ. And she is about to release a handful of mobile apps. “I have some beta versions already in use. These apps will be fully functioning pre-release and proper release versions. They are very cool… and coming very soon.”

Her main CIQMusic page is at facebook.com/CIQMusic and another page for Gsynth Studio is at facebook.com/Gsynth .

Please take a minute and show your support by “LIKING” her page. She has some free stuff promotions (and maybe some contests, time permitting!) for her CIQMusic facebook page coming up soon!

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